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I am a Software Engineer looking to land a new job after completing my Master’s in Dec 2022, and I am open to relocating to any place in the USA. Through my current role as a Full stack developer and experience in contributing to open-source projects, I can quickly pick up an existing codebase and toolchains to start being a productive member of the team. I also understand the pain points of various tech stacks and how this plays a role in a multi-team environment. And I have a strong background in algorithms and data structures.

My main interests are full stack development, machine learning specifically computer vision, and graph machine learning. Parallel to this I am well versed with software design patterns, and I like to spend time exploring how various open-source projects implement things and try to incorporate them into my daily coding tasks.

I have a good scientific aptitude and rigor, through my preparation for the national college entrance exams JEE Main and Advanced where I specifically focused on Math and Physics, allowing me to not fall into wrong conclusions and traps, which is especially important in Machine Learning where a small mistake can result in believing total falsehoods. This also helps me in debugging and creating quality tests for the project, covering all the edge cases.

Contributing to open-source projects including PyTorch, fastai, and being an active member of the online PyTorch and fastai forums have taught me important software engineering skills like debugging software to resolve edge cases, working with a large codebase that requires design pattern skills, and carefully testing out the changes before committing them to production. It has also taught me how to collaborate well with others, communicate both positive and negative results, and the importance of empathy.

You can reach me at